Buku Haematology is an App on Apple and Android AppStores which answers the commonest questions which junior doctors, consultants, nurses, GPs and physician associates ask of on-call haematologists.

The idea came from experience of answering the on-call phone as a new registrar and noting that many of the questions were similar or the same, as was the advice.

Buku is a Chichewa word for Book or reference. Chichewa is a language spoken in Malawi where Steve travels every year to support a pathology project.


As time becomes more precious in a busy working environment, any systems that can improve efficiency are beneficial, and from this the idea of the App was conceived. An App offers a home for concise and clinically relevant advice, in an easy to access format.

The App covers different topic areas including ‘highs and lows’, coagulation, transfusion and workups.


It aims to reduce the waiting times for clinicians seeking the advice of a haematologist, and also reduce calls to the haematology on-call team as calls can distract from other tasks such as chemotherapy prescribing or difficult communication.