Data so far…

Retrospective data

When we had completed the first modules we collected retrospective data, reviewing the calls that we received as on-call haematologists and assessed whether we felt the App could have answered the question and thus avoided the call.

This data showed some promising results.

Did we objectively feel that the App could have avoided a call to haematology?


Prospective data

As we gained more users, we added a feedback module to the App to allow users to give feedback each time they used the App to tell us if that interaction had led to one of three possible outcomes

  1. The interaction with the App prevented a call to haematology altogether

  2. The interaction did not prevent a call but allowed investigations to be started to improve available information at the time of the call

  3. A call was not avoided and no preliminary investigations could be performed

The data we have received so far (and continue to receive) has been excellent



This data overall shows that 84% of interactions (112) were ‘positive’, with a call either avoided or information gathered to support the call when made.

What is the benefit of an App over the traditional method of calling an on-call haematologist?

Efficiency is the aim of the App, as calling a haematologist takes time; getting through to a hospital switchboard, calling/bleeping the haematologist, and waiting for the response. It is also distracting for the haematologist who might be having a discussion with patients or prescribing chemotherapy. Furthermore many of the calls received are not urgent and therefore a further reason for the calls to not interrupt important tasks.

Benefits of the App

  • Always available

  • The App can open, and the user can find the content they want, within 15 seconds

  • It is concise and clinically-orientated to save users looking through a wealth of information on websites

  • Saves time for the clinician calling the haematologist (average time for a call with a haematologist which can be answered by the App- 3 minutes 2 seconds, not including the minute or more spent waiting to be connected to the haematologist)

  • The haematologist is not distracted from their tasks

  • It is free