We want Buku Haematology to be free, so as many people can access it as possible, both in the UK and the rest of the world, especially the developing world. It is not sadly free to run. Our main costs;

  • Monthly website subscription £15

  • Annual App hosting page costs £350

  • Annual Apple AppStore fee £80

  • Costs of technology to support the App (laptop etc) and promotion

It is also all done in our own time, and we estimate it has so far used over 400 hours of that time.

We would be grateful for any donation that can help this ongoing work. Unfortunately without donations we would not be able to continue the work of the App as it would be too much for the 3 of us to bear.

Any money that we get that we do not need, we will put aside for development of the App ONLY, nothing else. If the App ceases to exist or the money is not going to be used in a reasonable time we will give it to charity (we will provide evidence of this for you, our users when it happens).